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Security management technologies and/or defenses.

Companies and organisations are increasing using a range of alternative schemes/ technologies to protect their information systems and e commerce facilities. Identify any 6 types of security management, technologies and/or defenses, and explain how they are used to ensure the security of an organisational information systems and e commerce facilities.

Consider the ITU News Report on ICT for Climate Action and the Digital Health National Strategy introduced in Week 1. Create a hypothetical business in either sector of: 1) ICT for Climate Monitoring; Or 2) Digital Health that addresses the first 2 key themes in the Digital Health National Strategy. Outline what your business will be, addressing the following questions: • What type of problem will your business solve? • Will you sell a product or provide a service? Describe them. • How will your product/service solve the problem with the help of technology (overview)? (200 words) Use the relevant readings and examples sourced under section Extra Resources in Weeks 1 & 2, as well as your own research for more ideas and examples to concretise your hypothetical business. For example, the Forbes article “Climate in the Digital Age” (Week 1) outlines the “See-Through Supply Chains” application that uses Blockchain to monitor the whole supply chain, combating problems such as illegal activities that damage the environment. (Hint: explore the examples and documents linked to this article as well, especially if you find an idea you are interested in).


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