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Find an automotive service ad

An effective tagline helps to put the name of a company in the back of our minds so that when we have a need for

As the new service manager at a brand new shop you want to help spice up the service desk area with some impulse items to help bolster sales. You’ve met with your service advisors and they’ve provided you a list of possible items.

You decide

Which of the following items would you choose to display at the service desk to help promote impulse sales? (Hint: you can choose more than 1)

a. windshield wiper inserts.

b. car battery.

c. crankshaft.

d. spark plugs and air filter.

e. crank position sensor.

f. fuel sending unit.

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Your assignment is to find an automotive service ad in some form of local print media (newspaper/ flyer/magazine). This exercise is very similar to the one we did in the last chapter, but with a slightly more focused approach to target marketing.

You decide

Please read and look carefully at the ad in front of you. Once you feel that you see what messages the company is trying to communicate to you please answer the following:

a. What techniques and methods did the company use in the ad to promote a unique identity?

b. What words, phrases, or other methods did they use to project a unique image?


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