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Creating cybersecurity policy, principles relating to security & measurement of cybersecurity threats

Before devising a cyber security policy, policy makers have to consider a range of issues and topics.  For example, according to the authors in chapter 4 of the text, an efficient way to craft effective cyber security policy is to regard this as part of a larger program.  Talk about at least three other such issues or topics, raised in this weeks assigned reading.  Explain what they are and talk about why they will especially matter when it comes to crafting an effective cyber security policy.

This weeks material focuses on criteria used for crafting cybersecurity policy. It includes looking at factors that decision makers should keep in mind when creating such policy as well as at devising a measurement of the nature of cybersecurity threats.


·         Identify criteria used for creating effective cybersecurity policy.

·         Look at principles critical to devising cybersecurity policy.

·         Learn what effective measures exist for gauging the nature of a cybersecurity threat.

Specific Topics

Creating cybersecurity policy, principles relating to security, measurement of cybersecurity threats

Key Learning Concepts

·         Examine economic issues related to creating effective cybersecurity policy.

·         Select criteria critical to devising effective cybersecurity policy.

·         Consider how understanding the nature of cybersecurity threats weigh in the creation of effective cybersecurity policy.


Please look at the following, for the insights that they provide.

Policy and Cybersecurity (this is an automatic download; save and read)


(this is also an automatic download; save and read)



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