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Values in Everyday Life.

Scenario Exercise: Values in Everyday Life
You have been recruited by the Campus to take part in a new initiative called Compliance Officers on a Mission for a More Ethical tomorrow (COMET).  Considering the ethical basis of so many problems in todays world, this group wants to help us stay in touch with our values as individuals through developing forums and articles to be published in the ORION. COMETs motto is: “We are community of scholars committed to making life better for all.”
Your primary job is to be AWARE and ALERT to problems around you (campus, community, etc.) that could:

1) Have an ethical basis
2) In some way reflect a lack of values-driven behavior

Your work is to scan your environment for problems, take a few notes and analyze situations along the following lines.
1) What did you see, experience, or hear about locally that fit criteria in 1 and/or 2 above?

2) What do you think is wrong about it?

3) What could or should be done about it? Or, if you could do something about it, what would you do?


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