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Professional Powerpoint Project

Professional Powerpoint Project
Each person is responsible for becoming thoroughly familiar with the material from
Robinson’s (2012) Georgia’s Criminal Justice System that pertains to a specific chapter. Due to the current and unforeseeable future circumstances, this assignment is no longer a group project. I would like all students to read all chapters of this text but you are only required to choose one chapter for the purpose of the final project. In addition to the material in the book, each person must effectively use appropriate website resources to: (1) update information/statistics provided in the chapter; (2) present additional information that cannot be found in the chapter; (3) discuss interesting or influential cases, events, individuals, etc. that have recently occurred; (4) provide images; and (5) provide information on hiring qualifications and salaries. Students will create professional powerpoint presentations and submit them to Folio before Dec 8.
If you do not have the text due to the current unfortunate circumstances here are the following chapters that you can use for the completion of this final project: Georgia’s Criminal Justice System, Georgia’s Constitutions, Crimes in Georgia, Criminal Justice Process in Georgia, Law Enforcement in Georgia, Georgia Courts, Corrections in Georgia, Georgia’s Juveniles,
Crime Victims in Georgia, and Training and Educations of Criminal Justice Personnel in Georgia.
In sum, use one of the books chapters to create a powerpoint. Make sure that it includes all the above-mentioned sections (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). The powerpoint should at least be 25-30 slides. That’s only 5 to 6 slides per section.
This assignment will be submitted to Folio for plagiarism checks and grading. The actual presentation is expected unless deemed otherwise unnecessary due to unforeseeable circumstances in which accommodations will be made.
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