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Poster template and comparison essay

  • Style: Harvard
  • Number of pages: 3 pages/double spaced (825 words)
  • PowerPoint slides: 0
  • Number of source/references: 3

Read the Book “The Martian” by Andy Weir and watch the Movie. Compare the two different versions focusing on the technical/engineering aspects, what was different, what you liked/disliked and why, in whatever means you feel is good/deserving of credit. (paper, table, etc) Which was better? Choose a technical aspect from The Martian and model it in MATLAB for your final project.
create and present (2-5 minutes) a Poster Presentation using PowerPoint. The presentation should be about a single technical aspect preferably from the book but also from the Movie The Martian. Research it, Model it (Matlab), Present it.


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