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Private Law

John works at Joe’s Garage as a general laborer. His duties usually include cleaning the floors, driving cars in an out of the shop, picking up parts from suppliers, etc. One day, the shop was short-handed and John volunteered to do the brake job on customer Mary’s vehicle. He told the shop foreman, “I’ve done this many times on my own car.” The foreman allowed John to work on Mary’s car. After the service was completed, John took Mary’s vehicle for a test drive despite having no car insurance. While on the test drive, John drives the vehicle up to 80km/hr on a street where the speed limit is 40km/hr. He then runs a red light and collides with a vehicle driven by Jane. Jane, a single mom of a 3 year-old infant, is paralyzed by the accident.
Identify FOUR distinct Public Law or Private Law issues or liability in this scenario. For each issue, identify the parties on both sides of the issue and the likely legal outcome. (5 Marks per Issue)


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