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What warranties, if any, apply to this transaction?

Farmer Freddie owns an Alpaca Farm in western part of New Jersey. The Freddie Family Farm raises Alpaca primarily to make fiber from their coats, but also opens the farm for tours and Alpaca cuddles. The farm is so successful that Freddie is seeking to add to the herd. To achieve this, Freddie attended an Alpaca auction and acquired two young male alpacas around 9 months of age for breeding purposes from Alpaca’s-R-Us.
When selecting the two animals he would ultimately acquire, Farmer Freddie told Alpacas-R-Us of his need for Alpacas suitable for breeding. Freddie named one of the animals “Herdsire” and the other “Macho.”
Does this transaction fall under the UCC? Why or why not? What warranties, if any, apply to this transaction?


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