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Was the meeting service/program effective and easy to use?

Online meeting

Search the Internet to find a service that allows you to have an online meeting. Look for a free service or a service that offers a free trial period. Sign up for the service. (Be sure to cancel later to avoid charges, if needed.) Hold an online meeting with two classmates to discuss the online meeting services you have identified. Use screen sharing and live video of the meeting participants if possible. Answer the following questions in an email to your instructor.

What are the names of the classmates who took part in your online meeting?
Which website/service did you use for the meeting?
What other website/services did you consider using? Why did you select the one you used for your meeting?
Did you use video of you and your classmates or screen sharing? Describe how this feature works.
What special equipment, if any, did you use?
Was the meeting service/program effective and easy to use?
What did you find difficult about or lacking in the service/program?
How might an administrative assistant use this service/program as part of his or her job duties?


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