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What are the legal principles established regarding such agreements?

John is a carpenter and has not been working for 12 months as he hurt his back and had to work at a slow pace, so he did not reinjure his back.
John’s brother Peter has been doing some renovations on his home and agreed with John that he could do the carpentry work at $1200 per week for 26 weeks working at his own pace.
After 16 weeks John felt that his back was much improved and accepted another contract at a house paying $2400 a week.
Peter was not very happy as there was still 10 weeks of carpentry work to complete on the house.  He seeks your advice;
a)     What type of agreement would a Court consider this to be?
b)     Is there a legally enforceable contract between John and Peter?
c)      What are the legal principles established regarding such agreements?
d)     Which are the important cases that assist your arguments?


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