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What are the legal issues the court must decide?

The main purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and principles discussed in torts, using creative and innovative ways that reflect the skill sets tied to the broader objectives of application of law in a business environment.
1. Go to the following link CANLII. Choose any Canadian case from the website that relates to tort law in a business context. The case could be any concepts we have discussed during intentional and unintentional torts, such as assault and battery, slip and fall, false imprisonment, negligence, product liability, remedies available to the wronged party (plaintiff), defences available to the defendant, etc. You can be creative when searching. For example, you can open your internet browser and search for “Torts CANLII” to find a variety of cases to choose from. Please note that the case must be a canadian case.
2. Highlight the following:

Who was involved in the case? [case name and citation]
What happened in the case? [facts]
What are the legal issues the court must decide? [issues]
How did the judge decide the case? [decision]
What is the explanation the court gave for its decision? [reasons]


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