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What are three ways an early childhood professional can support healthy brain development in the early learning environment?

Details: Brain Development and Early Learning

The brain experiences rapid growth during the early childhood years and is forming a complex set of network connections (CDC, 2019). Research indicates that early childhood experiences help shape early brain development (National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, 2014). To prepare for this discussion, be sure you have completed the readings and watched the video, “How a child’s brain develops through early experiences”.

Please respond to the following:

What are three ways an early childhood professional can support healthy brain development in the early learning environment?
What suggestions would you share with new parents about early brain development and ways to promote healthy development at home?
As an administrator, how would you share early brain development information in a learning environment with multiple age groups?

CDC. (2019). Early brain development and health. Retrieved from https://www.cdc.gov/ncbddd/childdevelopment/early-brain-development.html

National Scientific Council on the Developing Child. (2014). Excessive Stress Disrupts the Architecture of the Developing Brain, Working Paper 3. Retrieved from https://46y5eh11fhgw3ve3ytpwxt9r-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2005/05/Stress_Disrupts_Architecture_Developing_Brain-1.pdf

This discussion addresses the following unit learning outcomes:

Discuss how brain development affects early learning experiences.
Describe ways an early childhood professional can support early cognitive development.
It also addresses the following Course Outcome:

CE401-4: Analyze views on a current issue or trend affecting early childhood learning.

Remember that your goal for discussion is three-fold:

To participate actively throughout the entire week.
To contribute in a way that adds to the discussion and moves it forward in an original fashion.
To use the course content to inform your posts and responses.
Keep in mind that when you post, you should always reference items you cite—be sure to use APA format. Also, be sure to refer back to the rubric as often as you need to during the week. The class is all about sharing knowledge, so use discussions as a way of creating a community resource for yourself and your colleagues


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