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What job levels have the lowest Emotional Intelligence?

Online Threaded Discussion # 3 Week 5

We all want to improve ourselves and perform to the best of our ability.



  1. View the Johari window video above and predict how you will improve yourself in the team process. –only share one personal aspect in the threaded discussion.

Next view the video “ The Power of Emotional Intelligence”- Posted in Module 5



2.  What job levels have the highest Emotional Intelligence?

  1. What job levels have the lowest Emotional Intelligence?
  2. There are 3 ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence and they are : Control stress, clean up sleep hygiene, and get caffeine intake under control.

In your workplace what do you think is the number one of these 3 requiring improvement?

  1. Which of these 3 do you feel you need to improve?
  2. In your own self-discovery are you in the team role you desire or do you aspire to a leadership role in the future? Name the leadership role.

i work as a cynical supervisor


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