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Cognitive-behavioral therapy with older adults


According to Gonzalez-Prendes and Brisebois in the book Mind over Mood which of the following statements best describes the way that CBT is a good fit with the social work value of competence? ()
a. Through its focus on developing evidence-based, empirically driven interventions.
b. By admonishing social workers to review their clients’ homework thus staying current on what the clients are doing.
c. Promoting intercommunication across various social work organizations.
d. Teaching clients the skills to help improve competency in social settings.
According to Greenberger and Padesky he book Mind over Mood which of the following is a key step to overcome anxiety?(Book: Mind over Mood)

The use of anti-anxiety medication.
Cognitive family therapy. (Chegg)
Overcoming avoidance of feared situations.
Learning safety-behaviors to avoid anxiety-provoking situations.

Which of the following is not a recommended modification for the delivery of CBT with older adults? (Conti et al.: Cognitive-behavioral therapy with older adults).

Modify the theory of CBT to deemphasize the impact of cognitions on psychological problems and thus compensate for older adults cognitive deficits.
Reduce the pace and amount of content presented in each individual session.
Consider the use of written or verbal reminders between sessions (e.g. telephone call) to remind clients of their goals, homework, etc.
Ensuring the physical space (i.e. office) is well-lit and meets the needs of older adults.

Whenever he is confronted with the object of his fear, live snakes, in a place where he cannot escape, Carl experiences a panic attack. This experience is most consistent with:

Social phobia.
Panic disorder.
Agoraphobia. (Chegg)
Specific phobia.

The following statement best reflects the concept of resilience elucidated by Zeman and Suveg:
a.      It is a trait-like characteristic that a person either has or does not have.
b.      It is mainly influenced by genetic factors.
c.      It is a dynamic developmental process whereby environmental factors and personal characteristics interact to help cope with adversity.
d.      It is a developmental process that creates invulnerability and insulates the person against the effects of adversity.


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