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Disruptive innovation

There are any number of major trends that impact the way we do business. I will mention one: “disruptive innovation.” That is not exactly what it sounds like, and sometimes what we think is disruptive innovation is simply new clothes on an old process.  It does impact business. See the link below.

There are those that believe disruptive innovation can be a strategy, while others believe it is possible for organizations to prepare for it and respond. I am not so sure that either is the case. The very nature of disruptive innovation seems to be such that we cannot plan it. Perhaps we can put in place some sort of emergency response system which allows us to survive when a competitor threatens us. There are numerous questions raised depending on how one frames disruptive innovation. Is Wal-Mart an example? Uber is often referred to, as is the cell phone. Self-driving cars will disrupt the highway industry, body shops, traffic police, and much more. We can see that one coming. Is anyone preparing for it?

What trend (pick one) do you believe is important. Explain why and provide a resource.


include one reference


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