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Educational Implications (Speech and Language Impairment)

. Educational Implications
(Speech and Language Impairment)
1. Define and describe the learning and developmental characteristics of a student with speech-language impairment.
a. Make connections to all developmental domains.
b. Research and review literature (course materials and at least three (3) scholarly/medical/research-based resources)
c. Research, select and view a videotaped observation(s) of a child with speech-language impairment.
2. Teaching Strategies/Intervention: a. Use your researched literature and observed video(s) to describe how you would include a child with speech-language impairment in your classroom. Include classroom environment, 2 developmental learning opportunities, adaptations, and assistive technology.
b. Describe a variety of observation and assessment methods — a minimum of two each • Observation Examples: data collection including observation, anecdotal records, running records, checklists, tallies, and teacher-made formative assessments •
Assessment Examples: Ages and Stages Questionnaire (ASQ), Brigance Screen, Preschool Assessment Framework (PAF), Devereaux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA)
c. Reflect and articulate the knowledge gained from data-driven decision-making practices.


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