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The stadium and the community.

This assignment is designed so that the student will learn how to do scholarly research in the University Library as compared with merely finding information through Google or Wikipedia. You will learn what constitutes a peer-reviewed source and gain skill in using the USF Library search engine to locate peer-reviewed articles. You must follow explicit instructions to locate two peer-reviewed resources using the library search engine. Then student then must cut-and-paste-and-edit the citation ((MLA, APA or Chicago style sheet) and write an original summary of the article and post as a report on Canvas (100-300 words for each summary not including the citations) in proper format (two citations, each followed by its own summary). The articles must not be ones that are listed on the modules for this course already. Late assignment submittals will be accepted within the two-day grace period, but there will be a maximum of 80% possible for those that are late. The two citations are worth 60 points (30 points for each) and the abstracts are worth 40 for a total of 100 points.You must upload this assignment an approved file format just like your other assignments. The instructions are also on the home page tab for Part 6. This assignment is not peer reviewed.

Here are the specific things you need to do:
1. Select two of the topics to research more in-depth:
o Women in sport
o Bullying on sports teams
o Performance of masculinity in sport
o Racism in tennis or soccer
o Sexualization of sport
o The stadium and the community

2. Now you’ll locate two peer-reviewed resources to synthesize. You can do this by going to the USF Library home page and putting your key words into the search box. Make sure to check the box for “Scholarly/Peer-Reviewed Articles only” directly underneath the search box. You could also go to USF eJournals (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or Google Scholar (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., but most students have found journal articles using this method.

3. You must post your two annotated citations on this assignment. Please make sure you use a style format such as MLA or APA. Many USF citations cut-and-pasted from the library resources are NOT in the correct format. They are often in all uppercase letters or worse. Tess Carr, teaching assistant for this course, recommends that you clean up your source citations: “EBSCOhost tends to put extra information in citations that aren’t a part of normal college citations. I encourage you to use OWL at Purdue to help you with properly formatting a citation. I would plug in the information you have from EBSCOhost into OWL at Purdue’s formatting to give you the cleanest looking citation.”

4. You must write an original summary. If you merely cut-and-paste the existing abstract for the article, you will lose points.


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