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Examining Organizational Structures.

Examining Organizational Structures: Use the following case for the paper:
A Case Study of Nursing Care Delivery Models & Staff Turnover Jamie Johns was the manager in charge of a 12-bed step-down unit in the Lake Area Community Hospital. When her unit was consolidated, the Chief Nurse Officer asked Jamie if she would be interested in serving as a Quality Improvement Leader for the Acute Care Division, which includes the ICU, intermediate and medical-surgical units of the hospital. The first task Jamie has been assigned is to examine the diverse nursing care delivery models across each unit and determine if the high rates of staff turnover on some of the units could be a result of the care delivery models that are in place. When each unit was established, a team concept of nursing had been used throughout the hospital. As the hospital grew and quality initiatives became more prominent, each unit defined its own delivery model. Some units use a primary care model; others use a modified team approach.

Discuss staff turnover and its potential relationship to care delivery models. Use the literature to support this relationship. Based on the literature, what recommendations would you share with the CNO about nursing care delivery models and the work environment to reduce staff turnover?

After reading the assigned, analyze the impact of the environment of the workplace and care delivery models as it relates to staff turnover.
In the body of the paper, explore the relationship staff turnover may have with the organizational structure and environmental work characteristics. After exploring this relationship, present recommendations based on
professional literature support

Papers are limited to a total of 10 pages (which includes the title page, abstract page, and full reference list.) No less than 8 references are anticipated. All references must be from professional sources. The majority of all references must be primary source, research/data based, original articles. Use of web page references is limited to one per assigned paper.


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