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Provide an appraisal of a study.

In this assignment you will have to provide a critical appraisal of the research design of one of the four studies listed below. You may provide an appraisal of a study that you appraised in the first submission of this assignment.

1. Thomas, R., & Linstead, A. (2002). Losing the plot? Middle managers and identity. Organization, 9(1): 71-93.
2. Fanelli, A. & Grasselli, N.I. (2005). Defeating the Minotaur: The construction of CEO charisma on the US stock market. Organization Studies, 27(6): 811–832.
3. Wang, L., Malhotra, D., & Murnighan, J.K. (2011). Economics education and greed. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 10(4): 643-60.
4. Ralston, D.A., Egri, C.P., Stewart, S., Terpstra, R.H., & Kaicheng, Yu. (1999). Doing business in the 21st century with the new generation of Chinese managers: A study of generational shifts in work values in China. Journal of International Business Studies, 30(2): 415-428.

Specifically, in this assignment you will have to provide a critical appraisal of:
a. the research questions or hypotheses and their theoretical and practical relevance, i.e., a rationale for why the research was important;
b. the epistemological and ontological assumptions which underpinned the research, and their consistency with research questions or hypotheses;
c. the research design and it’s strengths and limitations for answering the research questions or hypotheses;
d. the sampling strategy that was used to select the sources of data and an appraisal of the rationale for why particular sources/respondents were selected;
e. the research methods that were used to generate the data and their strengths and weaknesses for addressing the research questions or hypotheses;
f. the analytical strategy or strategies that were used to analyze the data together with an appraisal of their strengths and weaknesses; and
g. the contribution of research to existing knowledge of the topic and to policy and practice.


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