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How do the authors feel about these pursuits?

For your final essay, you will compare/contrast at least two novels . You may use your books during the final, and if you choose to quote the books, make sure to provide in-text citations (Author’s last name and page number). You do not need a Works Cited page.

The clash between science fiction/fantasy elements and reality: how big of a role do the speculative elements of the books play versus more “realistic” elements or concerns, such as science, philosophy, human drama, etc.?
The role of ego and judgement: how are the events of the books guided by someone passing judgement on others and/or the influence of their own ego justifying their actions? How do the authors want us to feel about those judgments?
The dangers of technology and knowledge: what do the pursuit of progress and knowledge do to the characters who seek it in these novels? What choices do they have to make? What are the consequences? How do the authors feel about these pursuits?
The nature of humanity: what arguments about the fundamental nature of humanity are explicitly or implicitly made within each novel? How do the authors develop those arguments? What lessons or warnings do the books express?


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