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Set up a table and calculate the ATCF for this machine.

An injection molding machine can be purchased and installed for $90,000.It is expected to be kept in service for eight years. It is believed that $10,000 can beobtained when the machine is disposed of the at the end of year eight. The net annualvalue added that can be attributed to this machine is constant over eight years andamounts to $15,000. An effective income tax-rate of 40% is used by the company, andthe before-tax MARR equals 25% per year. Use 150% Declining Balance depreciationmethod isa Determine the depreciation amounts in year one through eight?b Set up a table and calculate the ATCF for this machine.c Draw and compare the BTCF and ATCF cash flow diagrams.d Using IRR method, determine if the machine is purchased.


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