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Briefly describe the target segments.

Assignment including 2 part (750 words) talk ab analysis of this video: https://youtu.be/8xCqmYbXH9w
1.Analysis of segmentation variables: Identify the segmentation variable (e.g. demographic, geographic, psychological and behavioural variables). Briefly describe the target segments. • 2.Analysis of appeal used: Identify and analyse the appeal(s) used (e.g. utilitarian/functional/cognitive appeal, hedonic/emotional/affective appeal, fear appeal, sex appeal, humour appeal, etc.). You should also explain how these appeals target/influence the target consumer segments identified in the previous section3. Reference:For an academic work, you are required to primarily use models and theories, found in the textbooks, journal articles, and found through your own research to support your argument/analysis – this should be supported by explanation to show your understanding and application of the concepts. At least four relevant non-textbook references are required to satisfy the research component. Don’t forget to reference all information sources (marks will be lost otherwise)! Please also refer to the style guidelines provided below. The assignment must be in a Microsoft Word document and fully referenced using the Harvard referencing style


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