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Consumer behavior concepts.

Take a position on ONE of the following points of view and defend your position: Position One: Using knowledge of attitudes is manipulative and is wrong. Advertisers and marketers should be prevented from following this practice. Position Two: Using knowledge of attitudes is just a natural extension of wanting to understand the consumer. By using attitude information, a marketer (or advertiser) can more easily meet the wants and needs of the consumer. Which of the above position represents your stand? Take a position and explain what the statement means. It is important that you relate other consumer behaviour concepts (e.g., consumer needs and motivation, perception, decision making, consumer learning, etc.) to this statement? Ethical business practices include managing relationships with the people in your business community at the highest moral standard. This includes the most critical stakeholder in your business, your customer. Given the importance of ethics to a successful business, how should marketers approach the above mentioned issue to build trust and reputation among business associates and stakeholders?It is an essay and it takes 3000-3500 words. The essay needs to include the consumer behavior concepts, consumer needs and motivations


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