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How does social media affect mental health?

Part Two – Go to Publish a Post a Blog

You must post at least two times during the assignment period.

  1. Blog 1- How social media affects mental health

Blog 2- how social networking improves health and fitness for busy people

–  At least four full paragraphseach blog

  1. Each post must contain at least one external link, properly formatted (meaning that the Hyperlink should not be visible to blog readers–use appropriate anchortext).
  1. Follow the tips for effective blogging below, and the resources provided, for more ideas on how to craft good blogposts.
  1. Make sure you observe thelegal guidelinesthat apply toblogs.


  1. Your contributions will be graded on content, writing, andoriginality.
  1. Also see the tips and links available on the relevant pagebelow:


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