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Subject: Psychology


Topic: A chosen topic that relates to field of psychology

Paper details:

Your assignment is to write a research proposal that includes a review of the current understanding of your chosen topic, a clearly stated hypothesis, a description of the experimental method you would use to test your hypothesis, and a discussion of how your research will contribute to the field of psychology. Before you begin writing your proposal, you must conduct considerable research to determine what studies have been done and what questions remain unanswered. This library research should continue as you write to help you dig deeper into the topic, formulate your ideas, and devise your methods. You may find yourself going back and forth between research and writing as you consider and reconsider your project ideas and begin drafting your proposal. Must have at least 5 different sources from peered reviewed journals. Popular magazines or newspaper articles are not considered appropriate sources. All sources must be cite properly within your paper AND in the Reference page.


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