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Legalization of marijuana.

Subject: Law
Topic: Post-Conviction Relief: Effect that the legalization of marijuana is having on the system

Paper details:

This paper needs to detail the effect that the legalization of marijuana is having on the system. This is for a seminar class that I’m currently enrolled in at my law school. The teacher want sources cited of course, preferably BLUEBOOK citations if you’re familiar with such style. The course description states: “Course will cover principles and practices of post-conviction remedies available to collaterally attack a criminal conviction in federal courts. This class will provide students an opportunity to observe how constitutional law, criminal law and procedure, and civil procedure apply to Post-Conviction relief.” Other than that, there is not much else to go on. He asked we pick a topic and write at least 20 pages on it for our final research paper. I guess it just needs to be more related to “post-conviction relief.” I got to pick the topic above, I thought that it might be one of the more interesting and easy topics to research in terms of post conviction relief. Since marijuana is starting to become legal in more and more states; I’m not sure if it’s retroactive or not but I’m sure we’re heading that way if not. Feel free to contact me if you feel that this topic isn’t the easiest. He also gave me the option to do something on “prison reform” as it has many topics relating to post conviction relief. Furthermore, APA formatting will be acceptable if you can’t do BLUEBOOK, but I very much prefer BLUEBOOK.


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