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Why might a higher fat content cause issues with someone who has gallstones?

For this discussion, everyone will pick a macronutrient and explain the process of digestion and absorption for your nutrient. There are 3 macronutrients.
Choose 1 and discuss the topic thoroughly following steps 1 and 2 below. For this discussion you will pick one of the Macronutrients (Carbohydrate, Protein or Fat) and explain the full process of digestion and absorption. You can get creative and post pictures or videos. Some additional things to consider for each nutrient. You do not have to answer all of these questions, they are just meant to get you thinking and researching a little more about your nutrient. You may need to do some outside research for these topics, be sure to include your reputable reference. You only need to comment on the nutrient you chose to explain the digestive process about (i.e. if you explain carbohydrate digestion, only comment on topic
(a) below: (a)Carbohydrates: What is the difference in whole food digestion and processed foods. Think whole grain (oatmeal) vs white flours. How does added sugar digestion differ from other complex carbohydrates? What are the benefits of fiber? (b)Protein: What are the differences between animal vs vegetable protein in digestion and absorption? Do all the calories in protein get digested, some people feel that a high protein diet helps with weight loss. How would you explain from a digestive process the calories absorbed from protein vs carbohydrate? (c)Fat: What effect does fat have on satiety. Why might a higher fat content cause issues with someone who has gallstones? Is there a difference in the absorption of MCT oil? Many people feel coconut oil is a super food, is Coconut oil absorbed any differently that other fats?
The Digestive Process


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