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How does managed care impacts consumers.

The Human Resources Department at your new job is now offering managed care plans. As a consumer, you want to research how the new plans would affect type of services you would receive.

Complete aspects of a research plan to help determine the impact of managed care on consumers.
Develop a thesis statement to address how managed care impacts consumers.
Create an outline of the effects of managed care on consumers. Your overall analysis (or tone of your assessment) of the effect of managed care can be either positive or negative. The outline should have three major points/topics and at least 3 supporting sub-topics under each main topic.
Select one of your main topics and write a paragraph summary (minimum 300 words) explaining how the effects of managed care have significantly impacted the physician-patient relationship, the physician’s ability to carry out ethical obligations, and the quality of patient care.
Be sure to review the resources provided in Supplemental Resources to help prepare you for the assessment.
Submit all three parts of this assessment in the same document.


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