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Examine and analyze the company’s situation.


An intelligence/business report. Your standpoint is that you are a researcher hired by an organization to provide a detailed analysis of a particular UK company and its competitive position in the industry it operates in or, in the case of a diverse company, one of its key markets. You will choose a company to work on from the list provided. No more than10 students may choose the same company. The final report should include a synthesis and integration of your research, and also conclusions and recommendations.

You will choose to research a UK company from an approved list, available on MOLE supplied by the module coordinator. You will select the appropriate analytical technique(s) to examine and analyze the company’s situation. Resources from online databases, the web, expert opinions, and any other appropriate print or online resources may be used. You will have to review and evaluate the materials you find, extract what you think are important trends, and analyze and synthesize information to construct a final report. Students will need to familiarize themselves with their chosen company as soon as possible.


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