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  1. Choose one period, culture or designer . Within the body of work from your chosen period, culture or designer, choose ONE artifact representing an example of graphic design from that period. The artifact does not have to be from Megg’s textbook. It can be an object like a stele, wall carving/painting, scroll, handwritten or printed book, example of visual language or typeface, print, or poster.
  1. Analyze the chosen artifact according to all that apply to its time and place of origin:

Social factors

Technological factors

Economic factors

Environmental factors

Religious factors and

Political factors

In other words, what shaped its design and existence? Also analyze the influence it had on the social, technological, economic, environmental, religious and political factors in the future. More specifically, how did it shape future designs and objects?

Submit a group plan (Word or PDF doc).The group plan should include the name and location of the artifact you have chosen, the responsibilities assigned to each group member and an approximate deadline for each task.

Type up your thorough and complete analysis, in essay or outline form (outlines must be very detailed), submit as Word or PDF.


Your collaboration should have clearly designated sections of analysis. Although not all of the factors listed above will apply to every artifact, most will have some influence on or be influenced by your object. Headings and sub-headings in your essay/outline are helpful for both writer and reader to organize the report.

  1. a) You should include a picture of your artifact and 2-3 other pictures to illustrate your analysis.
  1. b) You must include the location of your object and the location of the image of your object. (Where is it and where did you see it?)

You will be graded on the following:

Thoroughness and attention to detail.

Clarity of presentation.

Degree of collaboration.

Your grade will suffer if your work:

Has numerous spelling and/or grammatical errors.

Lacks clarity, focus or is incomplete.

Shows little effort or thought


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