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My Creature From The Black Lagoon

This week we read “My Creature From The Black Lagoon.” In his essay, Stephen King begins by relating an anecdote from his childhood about his first experience as a moviegoer. He uses this anecdote as a springboard to discuss the nature of fear.

In 400 words or more, relate an experience from your childhood that frightened you, and compare it to King’s experience. What did you learn from the situation? How has it influenced your point of view as an adult?

In doing this, pay special attention to:

-The use of descriptive detail that relates to the five senses

-Building strong paragraphs that consist of the three part structure demonstrated in this week’s PPT on writing strong paragraphs

-Transitioning from relating an anecdotal narrative to explaining its lasting significance.

-Using at least two direct quotations from King’s essay and explaining their significance.


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