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Fourth Amendment “Knock and Announce” Rule.

Analyze a criminal case opinion issued by the U.S. Supreme Court, 2005 or later; explain the issue(s) in the case, the holding of the case, its basis, the number of justices for and against the opinion, and whether it set precedent (i.e., new law) or merely reaffirmed long-standing constitutional values. Identify the justice who authored the opinion, and provide that justice’s ideology. You may choose any case listed below, or locate a criminal U.S. Supreme Court case, 2005 or later, to analyze. It is recommended that your post contain approximately 400 words.

Clark v. Arizona (2006) [Insanity Defense]

Davis v. United States (2011) [Illegal Search Admissible]

Davis v. Washington (2006) [911 Call Admissible at trial?]

Florida v. Powell (2009) [Miranda Warnings]

Giles v. California (2008) [Dead victim’s statements not admissible at trial?]

Graham v. Florida (2010) [Life Sentence for Juvenile Violate Eighth Amendment?]

Greenlaw v. United States (2008) [Can court enhance sentence without prosecutor request?]

Herring v. United States (2009) [Erroneous Search Warrant Require Suppression of Evidence?]

Holmes v. South Carolina (2006) [Exclude Defense Evidence?]

Hudson v. Michigan (2006) [Fourth Amendment “Knock and Announce” Rule]

J.D.B. v. North Carolina (2011) [Age Matter for Miranda Warnings?]

Kennedy v. Louisana (2007) [Death penalty for child rape?]


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