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Research Project for Theatre Arts.

Research Project for Theatre Arts

Select ONE theatre/performance tradition for the list

  1. Guatemala:
    1. Rabinal Achi
  2. Caribbean
    1. Carnival
  3. Japan
    1. Kyogen
  4. Korea
    1. Talchum
    2. Pansori
  5. Java
    1. Wayang Wong
  6. Thailand
    1. Likay

Part 1: Origins (20pts)

Please write a 2-page research essaydescribing the historical, cultural, and sociological factors that contributed to the creation of your performance tradition.  What country is it from?  What time period was it created in?  Was there anything occurring in the culture/society that encouraged the creation of this tradition? Is this tradition for or by a certain class/group of people?  How was it started? How did it develop into the tradition you see today?  Who are the main artists associated with this tradition? Etc. Remember to cite sources.

Part 2: Stage Structure (10pts)

Please write a 1–page description of what the stage (and/or theater) that your tradition is performed on looks like.  Be specific and define any technical vocabulary words that use.  For example: the actor walks down a hanamichi, or a narrow platform that crosses through the audience and connects the stage to “house of the gods.”

Part 3: Costumes (10pts)

Please write a 1–page description of what the costumes that the actors of your form wear.  Be specific and try to define any technical vocabulary words that you come across.  (If you are working on a puppet form, tell me about the puppets.)

Part 4: Acting (20pts)

Please write a 1-2-page description of the acting?  What type of people are the actors in this tradition (religious figures, professionals, townspeople)?  Describe in detail what the acting looks like: Do actors Speak?  Do they dance?  Do they sing? Do they show emotions? How do the actors train to be an actor? (If you are working on a puppet form, tell me about the puppet master.)

Part 5: Plays/Playwright (20pts)

Please write a 1-2-page description of the style of plays?  Are they based on a myth or religious text?  Do they have a dramatic structure (some forms will not have this.)  Describe an example of a well know play: what is the story?  Does this form have a famous playwright associated with it?

Part 6: Music (10pts)

Please write a 1-page description of the Music in your tradition.  Describe the instruments involved and how the music is used to tell the story.

Part 7:  Living Traditions (10pts)

Please write a 1-page essay that discusses who and where these traditions are performed today.  Who is the audience?  Is it protected/preserved by an organization?  Are artists using this tradition in new ways or is the tradition kept the same?

Works Cited

Please list your 3-5 sources.  MLA or Chicago style.


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