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Suggest ways that Sophia can now take care of some of her own personal needs for rest and renewal.

Recall Dominic, an active 4-year-old who was described in the opening scenario. During today’s visit, you learn that his mother, Sophia, is quite tired from working at a retail store about 8 9 hours daily and then caring for Dominic in the evening. The recent move of her mother, Hannah, to a house down the street to assist with care has brought her some relief. Dominic has several decaying deciduous teeth. His mother states that since he will lose them soon, she is not worried.

1. Dominic’s father is serving in the military in the Middle East. What suggestions can you make to Sophia so that Do- minic continues to learn about and communicate with his father during the deployment?

2 Dominic has not been seen for immunizations since early in the toddler years. List the immunizations you expect he has received and those that are likely needed at this time. Plan the history Question to learn about his immunization history.

3. Since Sophia believe that she does no need  to worry about carries In the deciduous teeth, plan a leaching session that addresses the Importance of even the primary teeth for good health and development of language skills. Include information about resources that provide dental care for children like Dominic.

4. Hannah has recently joined the family to assist in Dominic’s care. List the changes in roles for the various family members  and suggest ways that Sophia can now take care of some of her own personal needs for rest and renewal.


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