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Program Proposal.

Subject: Sociology

Topic: grant/program proposal

Paper details:

Please read the instruction carefully. I will appreciate 6 references. thanks

  1. The final assignment is to prepare a grant/program proposal for a new program at your organization. Although the organization is ultimately responsible for deciding whether to submit any proposal or grant you write, you are strongly encouraged to discuss this assignment with your field supervisor or other appropriate organizational staff to explore whether there is an agency need that could be met through this assignment.

You have two choices for a format. First, you may find and use an actual grant proposal outline, based on an existing Request for Proposals (RFP) and application. This choice is most appropriate if your organization may wish to submit the proposal for funding. Be sure to include the outline/application when you turn in the proposal.

The second alternative is to use a common proposal format. It must contain the items/sections 1-8, and may contain the other sections. This outline, serving as your RFP, represents a common or “typical” proposal

Proposal Components

  1. Title page(1 pg.)
  2. Abstract (1 pg.)
    1. Introduction/Summary, with a clear statement of the purposes of the program and the problem it is to address (1-2 pgs.) [this section is really an expanded abstract, which describes the entire program]. In this section, you demonstrate your ability to ”develop policies and funding strategies for enhancing services and client quality of life at the organizational and community level”(Comp 5.5), as well as to “Conduct policy practice” (Comp 5.7)
    2. Statement of need(revised version of the Statement of Need incorporating comments from instructor in Week 10). This section shows your ability to Use and translate research evidence to inform and improve practice, policy, and service delivery (pb 4.3). This section also describe why this problem is important to the social work profession’s role in advocacy and empowerment in communities when addressing human rights violations and social, economic, and environmental injustice on client systems (pb 3.4)
    3. Goals and objectives for the program(1-3 pgs.) (revised based on comments from instructor submitted Week 10).
    4. Procedures/Methods, (3-7 pgs.). This section usually includes:
    5. Theoretical reasoningfor the program (requires library research – at least three citations are the minimum). This section should include the empirical/evidence-based justification for your intervention or program selection. You also want some theory or conceptual justification for the program. In other words, why do you think the program will work? This section demonstrates how you apply critical thinking to analyze, formulate, and advocate for policies that advance human rights and social, economic, and environmental justice. (pb 5.3). By providing a theory or concept supporting your choice, this is where you attempt to show that you are able to select appropriate methods of advocacy, organization, and trauma-informed social change to promote social and economic well being (pb 5.6).
    6. Agency description. This section describes the agency, and will include much of the information from the capacity assessmentassignment. This section should include
  • The agency mission, brief history, and brief administrative structure (and any other descriptive information you wish from the Capacity Paper).
  • How this new program will “fit in” to the existing structure and policies..
  1. Program tasks and/or Methods of service delivery. Here, you are describing how you will implement the project. Often, describing it chronologically will be the best approach.
  2. Responsibilities and key staff
  3. A budget and budget narrative(1-3 pgs.)
  4. Evaluation plan(1.5 to 3 pgs.). Here you provide a plan to evaluate both outcomes & processes. To do this:
  • You must provide a plan to demonstrate the degree of success for at least one outcomeobjective (in a real proposal you need a plan for all, but here one well written example is adequate). This must include a method (how you will collect the data), a description of your measure, and how you will know if the objective has been met. This is where you will demonstrate your ability to select and use appropriate methods for evaluation of outcomes (pb9.1).
  • You will also provide a plan for ongoing monitoring of the process. This could include satisfaction surveys, focus groups, or quality control by reviewing documents. This is where you will demonstrate your ability to critically analyze, monitor, and evaluate intervention and program processes and outcomes(pb9.3)
  • This section must include at least twocitations that provide a justification for some aspect of the evaluation, such as the variables, concepts, and theories you will examine in your evaluative research.This section demonstrates how you Use empirical literature to identify variables, concepts, and theories to evaluate practice.(pb 9.6)
  1. Program deliverables(1/2 pg.) – this means what reports will be written, and what will you do with the reports (optional for the class assignment)
  2. Appendix(? pgs.), including a logic model
  3. Timeline(optional for the class assignment)
  4. Letters of support (optional for the class assignment)
  5. Resumes(optional for the class assignment)

Assignment Process (all students)

  1. The completedproposal will range in length from 10-15 pages.
  2. Since this type of project is new for many students, a number of examples, both class projects and real proposals, are available to examine. Some will be shown in class, but several excellent examples may be found on Canvas. To find these examples, connect to Canvas, and go to your course area. The examples are all in MSWORD or PDF.
  3. To maximize the benefit of instructor feedback, sections of the proposal will be asked for in advance of the final due date. This will allow you to have your work examined and improved prior to the end of the semester. Only one of these mini-submissions (the Statement of Need) will be graded. You are strongly encouraged to take the recommended changes seriously.
  4. IMPORTANT – For the final proposal submission, YOU MUST revise and address comments from the instructor from the Capacity Assessment and Statement of Need and Goals & Objectives. Failure to do so will result in a lowering of grade.
  5. Grant proposals come from Agencies – not individuals. So do not use I, Me or My in the Statement of Need and Goals & Objectives or the Final proposal. Doing so will cost points (you may use “we” though).
Rubric for Assignment: Program Proposal
1. WritingFrequent grammar and spelling errors; poor organization and ideas not clearly expressedFew spelling and/or grammar errors; paper is well organized and written expression is adequateNo spelling errors; paper is well organized and written expression is clear and to the point
2. FormatMinimal evidence of a clear format and structure; format is implicit but not obviousAdequate format – but one or two areas not addressed from “5”Strong and obvious format. Follows a clear and obvious format and structure. Sections of the paper are clearly delineated and internally coherent.
3. Title Page, Abstract and IntroductionNot present or present but incompletePresent and adequatePresent and comprehensive
4. Statement of need – problem definition & discussion of causesNot present or present but incomplete with no theoretical literaturePresent and adequate but with limited theoretical literaturePresent and well written with comprehensive theoretical literature
5. Statement of need – empirical/

statistical evidence

Not present or present but incomplete with no statistical literature supportPresent and adequate but with limited statistical literature supportPresent and well written with comprehensive statistical literature support
6. Goals/ObjectivesGoals and objectives presented, but poorly worded and/or incomplete with no measurable targetsAdequately constructed goals and objectives but lacks measurability.Perfectly constructed goals and objectives
7. Procedures (theoretical justification)Not present or present but incomplete with no theoretical literaturePresent and adequate but with limited theoretical literaturePresent and well written with comprehensive theoretical literature
8. Procedures (agency description. Staff description, tasks/methods of service delivery )Not present or present but poorly writtenPresent and adequatePresent and well written
9. BudgetNot present or present but poorly writtenPresent and adequatePresent and well written
10. Budget NarrativeNot present or present but poorly writtenPresent and adequatePresent and well written
12. Evaluation planNot present or present but poorly writtenPresent and adequatePresent and well written


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