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What themes are in the movie?

Valuating the Claims of Food Inc. Length – 800-1000 words Purpose: to critically reflect on the claims and solutions presented in the mainstream documentary Food Inc. Activity: Please watch the movie Food Inc. online. Here is the link to watch the moviehttps://watchdocumentaries.com/food-inc/2 While you are watching the film, keep a list of the arguments that are made about (1) the problem with the current food system; (2) the solutions they propose. Food Inc. covers a huge amount of ground. So, to make this assignment manageable, I’d then like you to chose a few points or themes that are in the movie and that you think are worth following up on and do some research focusing on whether the claims the filmmakers make are scientifically accurate. What I’d recommend is that you identify one to three themes from the movie (i.e. they talk about “seed cleaning” in one part of the movie, animal welfare and industrial livestock production in another segment, and food safety in another, illegal labor in industrial food system) and then look into the scientific literature to see if the way the film makers depicted these issues is accurate and whether their solutions are realistic or useful. The format for your essay is up to you. However, the following structure might be useful: (1) an introduction where you introduce the specific topics that you want to critically explore; (2) present an overview of Food Inc.’s argument on each of these topics; (3) explore the scientific (peer reviewed) literature on these topic; (4) reflect on whether you think the movie’s position is justified by the academic literature. Your work will be evaluated using the following criteria: 1.Evaluation of the claims: Have you critically, and with reference to peer reviewed sources, examined one or more of the themes within Food Inc.? (10 marks)2. Structure: Is your paper coherently laid out with a strong and easy-to-follow structure? (10 marks)3.Mechanics: Is your paper professionally presented, with appropriate referencing (APA referencing), accurate spelling, grammar, etc.(5 marks).


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