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Video games analysis.

Can video games affect teenagers? How and Why?
Description: In this essay, you are expected to analyze your 5 pieces of research in an organized manner with the intent of proving or disproving a thesis. Your thesis should be based in the research you’ve consumed. You cannot write an essay that is based entirely in opinion. I will expect you to write an introduction that ends in a thesis that summarizes what you’ve discovered in your research, and what you plan to illustrate in your essay.

Following your introduction, you are expected to complete body paragraphs that include quotations/paraphrases of information directly from your research. Do not forget to include correct in-text citations. Refer to Purdue OWL or my MLA presentation with questions.

Finally, you will close out your 5 pages, double-spaced paper with a conclusion that restates your thesis and the broad statements included in your introduction. I expect your paper to be rhetorically effective. I also expect your essay to be clear and polished. Your essay should be in Times New Roman, 12-pt font with name, professor, class, and date on the first page followed by a title. Every page should also have page numbers.


Answer preview to is video game would affect teenagers? How and Why?

Is video game would affect teenagers How and Why


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