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Why, will be the investigation of the factors affecting the measures selected?

Explain why your firm perform differently compared with the near competitors. First, you need to understand the concept of performance, there are several measures to define performance, in terms of sales, in terms of market share, in terms of profits, in terms of gross profits. Identify at least 3 ways to define performance and compare with the competitors, you may need some additional reference to define this concept. Also, you need to define differently, what it means is out the measures selected to define performance which ones are moving up or down or in tandem. Finally why, will be the investigation of the factors affecting the measures selected (in regards performance) and the reasons of the variances, essentially you are going to find that all are related with the type of skills of labor, type of technology used to produce something or product innovation. Support your answer with real examples from your firm. This answer must take you no less than on 1/3 of the page.


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