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What data regarding the validity of the instrument is available?

Selecting an Instrument [2 of 2]

Consider that you are a psychology professional, working in your area of interest in an educational setting (public or private school setting).

Pick one of the following instruments to consider while answering the questions below:

Achenbach Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL 1 ½ – 5) (CBCL 4 – 18)

Adult Basic Learning Examination

American College Testing Program – A-C-T

Child Sexual Behavior Inventory

Connors Rating Scales, Revised (CRS-R)

Cooperative Achievement Test

Diagnostic Mathematics Inventory

Graduate Record Examination

Horn Art Aptitude Inventory

Kaufman Assessment Battery for Children – II

KeyMath Revised

Learning Potential Assessment Device

Medical College Admission Test (MCAT)

Metropolitan Mathematics Instructional Tests

Metropolitan Readiness Tests

Miller Analogies Test

Quality of School Life Scales

Scholastic Aptitude Test

Seashore Measures of Musical Talents

SRA California Achievement Tests

Stanford Diagnostic Mathematics Test

Stanford Diagnostic Mathematics Test

Stanford Diagnostic Reading Test

Study Habits Checklist

Survey of School Attitudes

Survey of Study Habits and Attitudes

Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – II (WIAT-II)

What I Like to Do Interest Inventory

Wide Range Achievement Test – IV (WRAT-IV)

Woodcock Johnson – III

Woodcock Reading Mastery Tests – Revised

Locate appropriate support material in order to address the following:

What data regarding the reliability of the instrument is available?

What data regarding the validity of the instrument is available?

What is purported to be measured by the instrument?

In your specialty area, how would information from this instrument is employed to assist a client in an educational setting? Be sure to include references as appropriate.


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