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Identify and describe a socially important question that is currently being discussed in our society

In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to write a short survey of your own on sometopic of interest to you, distribute it to a limited number of people, and summarize the results.IћѠѡџѢѐѡіќћѠIdentify and describe a socially important question that is currently being discussed inour society (such as attitudes about medical marijuana, drinking and driving, fear ofcrime among college students, rehabilitation programs, attitudes about the police, etc.)Create 8-12 questions for a one-page questionnaire studying the topic.Be sure to also include some additional questions to measure demographics (age,sex, race, etc.)Make all of your questions except for the final question close-ended. That is, all ofyour questions should require respondents to give a set answer (such as “stronglyagree,” “agree,” “disagree,” or “strongly disagree” or “yes”/“no” answers).The final question should be an optional, open-ended question that asksrespondents to provide any additional comments about the topic you arestudying. Keep in mind that you may be able to incorporate the survey instrumentyou develop, or a similar version of it, into your final Research Proposal project. Please note that because it is a research proposal, you wouldn’t include the surveyresults, just the survey itself.After you have drafted your questions, give your survey to at least 5 but no more than20 people (don’t worry about a random sample for this assignment). In all cases youshould make sure that respondents are able to complete your survey confidentially. After you have given the survey to your sample, analyze your results and write up asummary. Write an essay or produce a PowerPoint (PPT) that addresses the following:Briefly summarize the social issue being studied (include relevant research andcitations as appropriate);What is your hypothesis? That is, explain what question(s) or relationship betweenvariables you are attempting to answer with this survey;Identify the number of surveys given (i.e. sample size) and describe thedemographics of the survey sample (i.e., give the average age, sex, race, etc.);Summarize the general results of the survey (you may use simple percentages, youdon’t have to do any major analysis of the data);Module Assignment Instructionshttps://ccco.desire2learn.com/content/enforcedAY2021/2828427-S_CC…1 of 210/25/2020, 10:52 PM

Describe what your results indicate with respect to your hypothesis and thequestions you were attempting to measure; did you answer your hypothesis? Whyor why not?Explain what you would change were you to conduct this survey on a larger scaleand why.Finally: Be sure to include a copy of your survey instrument (the survey questions)you gave to respondents. Upload this as a separate document file.Dђљіѣђџюяљђ2-3 page Essay or PPT documentFor essays, use MSWord, Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double spaced, 1 inch margins.For PPTs use an appropriate design that is legible; include a Title Slide with student nameand date, provide at least 2-3 slides per component, and a References slide.For both the Essay and PPT, the survey instrument should be uploaded as a separatedocument.Essays and PPTs must use college level English, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.Essays and PPTs must use APA style formatting, referencing, and citations.Save Essay or PPT as: CRJ236_M4_SurveyResearch_firstnamelastnameSave Survey as: CRJ236_M4_SurveyInstrument_firstnamelastname.Put your name and the date on your assignments.Upload both parts of this assignment to the M4 Survey Research Assignment SubmissionFolder.


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