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What would you say and how would you advocate to dispel these myths?

This assignment requires you to choose TWO myths commonly associated with human trafficking (HT). You will identify information found in our readings, or outside sources that challenge these myths and create an argument of sorts. This assignment should be written as if you were having a conversation with a co-worker and trying to explain the issue or challenge their perceptions towards a potential trafficking victim. You can take creative liberties here. You can make up a dialogue you might have with a co-worker in a cj related occupation, or use your current role, maybe this becomes a reflection on a discussion you’ve already had. What would you say and how would you advocate to dispel these myths? Use the two “myths” articles I have posted under assignments in week 6 to choose your myths, or find your own. There is some redundancy between the two articles.

Identification of TWO HT myths

Target audience – Who are you writing this “to?”

Supporting evidence – at least two sources, cited in APA at the end of your paper.

What resources would you provide, or where would you refer them for more information?

How would you identify and appeal to somebody else’s motivations when discussing this issue?

Why is it important that they understand the difference?

You should use 12-point, Times New Roman font, double spaced, 1″ margins, and use APA CITATIONS, etc. If you are using material I have provided in the course, you can use in text citations. 2 -3 pages MAX.


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