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Visit one of the museum websites listed below and find an artwork from the 19th, 20th or 12st. century. Post your findings on Discussion and then comment on two other posts by your classmates. Make sure to write in paragraph form with at least 250 words, no more than 300. Proofread for correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

Comments to other artworks should be substantial with two to three sentences.

Please include a photograph of your artwork in the post or a link to the image.

Make sure you cite the website you used for your artwork and any other websites you used.

Address these questions in your post on your artwork:

What are your first impressions of your artwork and why did you choose it.

Include the label information in your post (See the museum label. This will tell you the artist, title, medium and date.)

Describe in detail what the subject is and what you see? What is going on?

Include any factual information about the work of art from the label (if there is any) You must cite factual information!

Include any other thoughts/opinions you have about the work in your post.

Here is the links:

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden






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