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Evaluate challenges facing public administration organizations today.

Essay Paper Instructions

You will discuss assigned questions for the Module/Week.

  • Answers to questions must be supported with research and citations. It is not unusual, for instance, to have 3–4 citations per paragraph in doctoral-level research.
  • Remember also that writing a research paper, especially at the doctoral-level, requires you to weave in ideas from numerous sources and then in turn synthesizing those ideas to create fresh insights and knowledge.


  • 12-14 pages of content, double-spaced
  • Must include citations from all readings and presentations for the assigned module (including the Fischer presentations and readings) and at least 20 scholarly sources
  • Must include Biblical integration (the Fischer sources will help to that end)
  • Current APA format

Module/Week 7Essay

  • Construct a paradigm of public administration statesmanship.
  • Evaluate challenges facing public administration organizations today.
  • Synthesize a Biblical/covenantal model of statesmanship, leadership and organizational behavior with the above.


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