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Explore existing needs and identifying gaps in the marketplace.

Your business plan is to built a drive in movie theater. Where will it be meaning the location how big will it be size of a stadium how will you have security, how much will it cost for each movie per single couple and or family. What restaurants will I have and what kind of beverages will be sold. How many movie screens. What color will the drive will be.
how many workers will I have if compared to back in the day and now what will you change that back then didnt have. What will be the days nights weeks and weekend it’s open along with the time. will you have discounted prices for seniors students or some point card system for free gifts.
Compare the drive in your creating now vs back in the day please site your work.

Please exploring existing needs and identifying gaps in the marketplace in their targeted field of interest.

Analysis of Work Setting
Analysis of the work-setting takes the following factors into account:
Design of the work area;
How design promotes or impedes communications, workflow, and morale?
How design promotes or impedes productivity?


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