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How does the different disciplines interconnect in science– biology, physics, chemistry

Essay about how the different disciplines interconnect in science– biology, physics, chemistry

Develop an argument to demonstrate the importance of this theme in the production of scientific knowledge.
Propose and detail three science case studies that illustrate this theme and its importance.
One case study should come from (internet) each module (weeks 1-4; weeks 5-8; and weeks 9-12)

List of case studies in SCI1LUE

WeekCase studies
Module 1
1Uncertainty in scienceThe Big BangGravitational waves
2The atomic hypothesisThe condensation of matterThe periodic table
3Contaminated soilThe age of the EarthThe formation of the Solar System
4HardnessThe beginnings of lifeBoyajian’s star (and science communication)
Module 2
5BacteriophagesWhat is life?Emergence
6Ecology of trees and grassesWhat is evolution?What is a gene?
7Eating insectsClassifying lifeHow much of you is human?
8RewildingEcosystem and community ecologyEngineering an ecosystem
Module 3
9Designer moleculesThe structure of DNA
10Feeding the worldCollaboration in sciencePower and authority in science
11Ubiquity of mathsBad scienceModels in science
12Multiple mindsSelf-destructing cellsStroke and vision


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