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Discuss the merits of using the COBIT framework versus ITIL.

Process of Outsourcing

Answer the following questions in a paper using APA format:

  1. Discuss the process of outsourcing — primary reasons for outsourcing, issues to be addressed when considering whether to outsource, risks involved and issues in dealing with outsourcing staff (in both outsourcing and offshore outsourcing). Use examples to help illustrate and include your personal experiences, if possible.
  2. Using the Harley-Davidson vignette described in the beginning of Chapter 5, discuss the merits of using the COBIT framework versus ITIL.
  3. Do an Internet search using the keywords “best practices” and you will find many sites devoted to this subject. Select one and summarize your findings. Explain how you think sites such as these might be used within your own organization.

Your paper should reflect scholarly writing and current APA standards. Please include citations to support your ideas.


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