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Describe the structure of the nursing department. Is it a centralized or decentralized model?

Memorial hospital in Newark Ohio www.lmhealth.org

600 words, 4 references, APA format


Use the information to discuss the mission, vision, values, and stated goals of the organization where you are employed. You may find the information on your hospital’s website or you may wish to explore this with administrative staff of your organization. If you are not employed, you may find this information from the website of a hospital or by interviewing a nursing colleague to answer questions 1-6.

Describe the nursing mission or philosophy in your organization.

Describe the nursing mission or philosophy on your unit. Is the mission or philosophy consistent with those of the larger organization? Describe the similarities and differences.

Describe your individual role in meeting your unit’s or department’s mission or goals. (I am a labor and delivery nurse, charge nurse)

Describe the structure of the nursing department. Is it a centralized or decentralized model? Support your answer with rationale. (we are centralized)

Cite a minimum of two pros and two cons of the organization’s nursing model.

Use your analysis to describe ways in which nursing could strengthen the mission and vision and organizational structure of nursing. Include at least two examples.


Explain key theories of organizations as social systems.

Determine how the mission, vision and values of an organization provide strategic direction.

Explore organizational design and structure in the workplace.

Discuss how centralization and decentralization structures function in your organization.

Define shared governance including benefits and risks to nursing.


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