Analyzing a policy and making a presentation

For this finalproject, you are analyzing a policy and making a presentation tothe Board of Directors on how it should be changed.   Youare presenting the policy to the hospital board, explaining itspurpose, the content, how it will be deployed, and any existingproblems it might be used to fix. Keep in mind that in mosthospitals, the Board is made up of community members, and notmedical personnel. Thus, make sure to fully explain electronicinformation laws and regulations, and why your new policyexists. To start, find online,one existing hospital policy involving electronic information,EHRs, cut and paste, retention, or any related policy you can find.There are many. These are justexamples. There are hundreds available on any electronicinformation topic you choose. It is preferable that you find yourown. You mustprovide supporting research and include in-textcitations Attached


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