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“Beyond Good and Evil” Assignment | Custom Homework Help

Nietzsche ethics framework illustrated or challenged in Vonnegut’s text

Examine one event in that “HARRISON BERGERON” by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.
through the lens of the philosophical text Friedrich Nietzsche, from “Beyond Good and Evil (1881/1886) 2 Chapter IX. “What Is Noble”
How does the story of Harrison help to illustrate or challenge or expand or complicate the ethical principles articulated in Friedrich Nietzsche’s text ?
The paper should meet the terms of the assignment; its argument is:
• Focused (not too broad)
• Not obvious (idea requires interpretation and explication)
• Arguable (neither bare fact nor unsupported opinion)
• Relevant (the texts brought together actually speak to each other)
• Insightful (it is useful for better understanding the text)
• Aware of and responsive to obvious counterarguments The paper meets the terms of the assignment; its argument may be
• A bit too broad: asserts more than the essay can sustain or fully demonstrate
• A bit obvious: some interpretation is required, but not enough warrant a full essay
• Not fully arguable: some elements may require demonstration, but too many of them are either purely factual or are matters of opinion
• Not fully relevant: the texts chosen may have some connection, but it’s not fully established
• Not terribly insightful: we don’t learn much that is useful for reading the text(s)
• Counterarguments may be ignored or insufficiently addressed. The paper does not meet the terms of the assignment and/or its argument is
• Far too broad
• Obvious
• Not arguable
• Irrelevant
• Not insightful
• Not responsive to counterarguments
The paper’s claim is supported by evidence that is
• Specific (grounded in particular moments or passages)
• Relevant (it actually supports your argument)
• Analyzed (the warrant connecting evidence to claim is made explicit; paper offers an interpretation of the evidence that lines up with the larger thesis) The paper’s claim is not fully supported by evidence, because that evidence is
• Too broad: it is generalized rather than focused)
• Not relevant: some evidence does not directly support the argument
• Under-analyzed: too many quotations are left to speak for themselves or the paper offers poor interpretations of the evidence; essay may leave one or two subclaims without evidence The paper’s claim is not supported by the evidence, because that evidence is
• Far too broad: it consists primarily of broad generalizations
• Irrelevant: no evidence directly supports the argument
• Not analyzed: no interpretations are offered, or no evidence is provided
The essay is
• Logically structured: the essay as a whole is organized according to some clear principle
• Logically connected: local ideas are connected to each other in explicit ways (e.g.; paragraph transitions)
• Consistent and cohesive: paragraphs are internally coherent and focused The essay is
• Not always logically structured: the organizing principle is not always clear, or the essay wanders away from that principle from time to time
• Not always logically connected: the essay makes some unexplained jumps between ideas.
• Not fully consistent and cohesive: some (more than one) paragraphs may lose focus, may be poorly organized The essay is
• Not logically structured: the organizing principle is unclear or absent, or the essay digresses and/or leaps
• Not logically connected: the essay does not show one idea relates to the next
• Not consistent or cohesive: paragraphs are generally unfocused and disorganized
The essay
• Avoids excessive summary
• Uses a consistent level of diction appropriate to the tone of the essay
• Avoids unnecessary first person (“I think…”)
• Has been proofread and edited The essay
• Summarizes a bit too much: while the essay does provide analysis, it lingers too long on unnecessary plot or argument details
• Uses inconsistent diction: the word choices may be inapt or inappropriate; authorial tone may shift without explanation.
• Indulges in unnecessary first person
• Proofreading and editing incomplete: the essay has significant errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling, and so forth. (Significant = makes several sentences difficult to understand) The essay
• Summarizes far too much: the essay is either all or nearly all summary
• Uses inconsistent and/or inappropriate diction:
• Uses first person all the time
• Does not appear to have been proofread and edited


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