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BEGINNING OF LIFE (Links to an external site.) 1. Briefly explain the following concepts: a. Asexual – sexual reproduction. b. Mitosis – Meiosis c. Diploid – Haploid d. Gametes e. Fertilization f. Zygote g. Syngamy h. Blastocyst i. Implantation j. Gastrulation k. Embryo – Fetus 2. After watching the video (time 1:08:00) describe fertilization process from cellular level to fetus. 3. According on what you learned about fertilization process, when does human life begin? Your answer must be objective and based on scientific evidence. Personal opinions are not allowed. 4. Read ERD Part 4 Introduction and make a summary. ABORTION (Links to an external site.) Start watching after time: 1:42:00; you’re welcome to watch the video from the beginning, but the answers to the following questions are given after one hour and 42 minutes into this second video. 1. Explain difference of spontaneous and procured abortion. Ethical impact of each one. 2. Why can the contraceptive pill, the IUD and the “morning after” pill are also considered abortifacients? 3. Abortion methods, depending on the stage of pregnancy. Explain each one. 4. Roe Vs. Wade, describe the case and provide a summary of Norma McCorvey’s life. 5. Describe some better alternatives to abortion. 6. Read and make a summary of ERD paragraphs # 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 66 Previous


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